Dear friends, I’m moving!

It’s amazing how fast time flies by and I don’t even realize it. The last six years of blogging stuff I geek about has made me become more productive and inspired throughout the World Wide Web. iBlog Mo! has taught me many things not only on social media and stuffs, but also how to be a better person in real life.


We all know that some good things must come to an end. But no, not what you are thinking. I’m not going out of WWW galactica. I just found a new home for me to learn new stuff and meet new people on the internet including PS: I love this new editor! #iBlogMoIsNowClosed

Follow me on my new home and adventure!


The 70-20-10 Rule In Budgeting Your Money

Good read!

Adrienne le Martian

PicsArt_1393836506214How many years have you been working? Have you saved up enough of your money in the bank? Or do you like your money where you see it (in the closet where all your designer clothes are hanging)? You could be 15 or 35, it doesn’t matter because the question is: have you saved up money for your future?

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WordPress 2.7 Quick Review

Finally, the first public beta of WordPress 2.7 had been released today. Thousands of bloggers in the world, mostly loyal WordPress-users, are downloading this right now including me. We all know that this is still a beta version, which means not totally 100% or stable. Wrong! Because this version is already stable and 100% working. The developers needs a little more time to finish the visual design, do around of user testing against the finished design, and do a proper round of public beta testing before releasing the final 2.7 by end of this month.

WordPress 2.7 Key Features

  • New Dashboard Style – New look and user-friendly interface design of dashboard. Organized and easily manage your blog.


  • New SidePanels – If you’re a fan of Lighter Menus plugin then this stuff is for you. Easily access setting tabs in less than a second.
  • Draggable Dividers – Move it here, move it there. Drag these dividers anywhere you like, makes you more professional and confortable.

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How To : Install Your WordPress (self-hosted) – my own way

For the last few weeks, I have been installing WordPress (self-hosted) for so many times. I received some script errors and sometimes I can’t get through inside my administration panel. What’s the cause? Maybe, due to installing lots of plugins without knowing if all of them will work or compatible with the theme that I am using.

Anyway, that’s ain’t my purpose in writing this post. I just like to share my own ways/steps in installing WordPress (self-hosted) in order to have a clean and organize installation of your WordPress.

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Your Photo Beauty Queen on the Start Page!

Yesterday, during our Web Interface class at CSB-SDA (College of St. Benilde-School of Design & Arts) I was downloading a file from my Yahoo! Email when an email message from Fotocommunity caught up my attention with a subject entitled Your Photo Beauty Queen on the start page!. I immediately opened it, and was bit surprised on the message, it reads..

We are happy to inform you that your photo Beauty Queen will be displayed
together with your last three uploads on our start page on 31.10.2008
between 04:00 and 08:00.

Here’s the link to your photo:

If you don’t want your photo to be displayed on the start page, just click the following link:
— deleted —

Your fotocommunity team

I’m flattered and can’t wait to see my works on their website frontpage.