WordPress 2.7 Quick Review

Finally, the first public beta of WordPress 2.7 had been released today. Thousands of bloggers in the world, mostly loyal WordPress-users, are downloading this right now including me. We all know that this is still a beta version, which means not totally 100% or stable. Wrong! Because this version is already stable and 100% working. The developers needs a little more time to finish the visual design, do around of user testing against the finished design, and do a proper round of public beta testing before releasing the final 2.7 by end of this month.

WordPress 2.7 Key Features

  • New Dashboard Style – New look and user-friendly interface design of dashboard. Organized and easily manage your blog.


  • New SidePanels – If you’re a fan of Lighter Menus plugin then this stuff is for you. Easily access setting tabs in less than a second.
  • Draggable Dividers – Move it here, move it there. Drag these dividers anywhere you like, makes you more professional and confortable.

  • Add New Plugin – Add/install a plugin directly from your admin panel. Plus, you can search for a plugin by clicking a tag on most popular tag on WordPress.org and install it directly without leaving the admin panel.


  • QuickPress – No time to post? Create/write a new quick post from your dashboard, Plus you can also insert media. Less hassle!
  • Quick Edit – Edit a post or page details without going inside on it.


  • Press This – If you love bookmarks, go for this. Easily create/write a new post with a single click on this bookmarklet. From Settings > Writing, just drag or right click “Press This” on your bookmark toolbar.


  • Add New Button – There’s a drop-down type of button “Add New Post”, “Add New Page”, and “Manage Comments” beside Howdy, username that let you create a new post or a page and manage comment quickly.
  • Sticky Post – Make your post sticky! I know WordPress is not a forum.


More added features:

  • More Image settings
  • Enhanced Write Panel
  • and much more!


– New look and new design user interface with a lot of cool features. Easily manage your task with just one click. Shortcuts is like Superman eh?


– Draggable Dividers could be confusing. Still on development process, so please be careful in installing third-party plugins and themes. Be sure it is compatible before attempting to use it.

That’s it! So, what are you waiting for? Try it and download WordPress 2.7 Beta 1 now!

Download: WordPress 2.7 Beta 1 | Mirror

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