How To : Install Your WordPress (self-hosted) – my own way

For the last few weeks, I have been installing WordPress (self-hosted) for so many times. I received some script errors and sometimes I can’t get through inside my administration panel. What’s the cause? Maybe, due to installing lots of plugins without knowing if all of them will work or compatible with the theme that I am using.

Anyway, that’s ain’t my purpose in writing this post. I just like to share my own ways/steps in installing WordPress (self-hosted) in order to have a clean and organize installation of your WordPress.

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Top 10 Killer Photoshop Combo Moves

Is time kickin’ your ass? Well, learn to defend yourself! Master these Killer Photoshop keyboard combos and you’ll find yourself with more time for the important things. These combos assume your using Photoshop CS3 on Windows platform with default keyboard shortcuts.

( ) = repeat as desired
{ } = manual input required

10. Cloak of Invinsiblity

Remove everything from the screen except your file

  • F, F, F | Cycle through Screen Modes
  • Tab | Remove Tools and Palettes
  • Ctrl+H | Hide Extras (Grid, Guides, Slices, etc.)
  • Ctrl+R | Hide Rulers

9. Quick Brush Jab

Quickly and easily customize a brush. This combo is a staple for digital painting.

  • B | Brush Tool
  • Right-Click and Select or F5 and Select | Open condensed or full Brush Palette
  • or . or , or Shift+. or Shift+, | Cycle through brushes or jump to first or last brush
  • [ or ]: | Shrink or enlarge brush radius
  • Shift+[ or Shift+] | Decrease or increase brush hardness
  • {Numeric Input} | Change brush opacity (e.g. ‘5′ = 50%, ‘55′ = 55%)

8. Quick Brush Jab Path Stroke

Stroke a path with a customized brush.

  • {Draw Path} | Use any tool to draw a path
  • B | Select Brush Tool
  • Quick Brush Jab | Use the Quick Brush Jab Combo to customize brush
  • Enter | Stroke the path with your customized brush

7. Gaussian Attack

Apply a filter, fade it and apply again. Good combo for fine-tweaking filters.

  • {Apply a Filter} | Manually choose and apply a filter (warning: using the Lens Flare filter may result in a swift kick to the mouse balls)
  • Ctrl+Shift+F | Fade the filter
  • (Ctrl+F or Ctrl+Shift+F) | Reapply filter with or without dialog box

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