Dear friends, I’m moving!

It’s amazing how fast time flies by and I don’t even realize it. The last six years of blogging stuff I geek about has made me become more productive and inspired throughout the World Wide Web. iBlog Mo! has taught me many things not only on social media and stuffs, but also how to be a better person in real life.


We all know that some good things must come to an end. But no, not what you are thinking. I’m not going out of WWW galactica. I just found a new home for me to learn new stuff and meet new people on the internet including PS: I love this new editor! #iBlogMoIsNowClosed

Follow me on my new home and adventure!


The 70-20-10 Rule In Budgeting Your Money

Good read!

Adrienne le Martian

PicsArt_1393836506214How many years have you been working? Have you saved up enough of your money in the bank? Or do you like your money where you see it (in the closet where all your designer clothes are hanging)? You could be 15 or 35, it doesn’t matter because the question is: have you saved up money for your future?

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Google Chrome Show Off Special Characters on My Website

As of October 28, 2008 – 1540H local time, I opened Google Chrome to view the output of changes I made on my website (because I was updating some of its content) and I was stunned when I saw the results. It was kind of computer special characters or ascii code or something like when you open an application (.exe) program using Notepad. So I refreshed my browser about three times and it still showing the same result and I don’t have any idea what’s going on. I have tried viewing my website using Firefox and IE but everything’s are normal. I continue refreshing the page on Google Chrome but nothing happens. I tried other website address like Yahoo! and Too Much Few but they seems to be normal. I was wondering if I did something wrong with my website’s code but the only last thing I did, I removed “Pages” sidebar because I don’t like the output. Duh! Is it a big deal? or is it Google Chrome’s mystery bug?

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Top 10 Killer Photoshop Combo Moves

Is time kickin’ your ass? Well, learn to defend yourself! Master these Killer Photoshop keyboard combos and you’ll find yourself with more time for the important things. These combos assume your using Photoshop CS3 on Windows platform with default keyboard shortcuts.

( ) = repeat as desired
{ } = manual input required

10. Cloak of Invinsiblity

Remove everything from the screen except your file

  • F, F, F | Cycle through Screen Modes
  • Tab | Remove Tools and Palettes
  • Ctrl+H | Hide Extras (Grid, Guides, Slices, etc.)
  • Ctrl+R | Hide Rulers

9. Quick Brush Jab

Quickly and easily customize a brush. This combo is a staple for digital painting.

  • B | Brush Tool
  • Right-Click and Select or F5 and Select | Open condensed or full Brush Palette
  • or . or , or Shift+. or Shift+, | Cycle through brushes or jump to first or last brush
  • [ or ]: | Shrink or enlarge brush radius
  • Shift+[ or Shift+] | Decrease or increase brush hardness
  • {Numeric Input} | Change brush opacity (e.g. ‘5′ = 50%, ‘55′ = 55%)

8. Quick Brush Jab Path Stroke

Stroke a path with a customized brush.

  • {Draw Path} | Use any tool to draw a path
  • B | Select Brush Tool
  • Quick Brush Jab | Use the Quick Brush Jab Combo to customize brush
  • Enter | Stroke the path with your customized brush

7. Gaussian Attack

Apply a filter, fade it and apply again. Good combo for fine-tweaking filters.

  • {Apply a Filter} | Manually choose and apply a filter (warning: using the Lens Flare filter may result in a swift kick to the mouse balls)
  • Ctrl+Shift+F | Fade the filter
  • (Ctrl+F or Ctrl+Shift+F) | Reapply filter with or without dialog box

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